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There are a few specific things to look out for

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Advice and guidance on what to do if you find a horse in trouble or are concerned about a horse

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About Us

Welcome to Equine Active Group EAG

EAG highlights horse welfare issues and problems in the UK through proactive collaborations with welfare groups and organisations and the creation of Local Equine Active Group, tackling local horse welfare issues.  Our 1st Local Equine Active Group was created  in the winter of 2014 covering Leicestershire & Rutland and East Midlands , and is actively involved with number of sites ranging from horses that are fly grazed, sites with abandoned horses and highlight the work of local rescues centres & sanctuaries.

We continue to offer support to welfare “hot spots” in the UK and are working towards mapping generally to highlight the scale of equine crisis

We are looking always looking , where like-minded people,  in a community who are interested in horse welfare and who may be witnessing the horse crisis to become part of the EAG Team

In the UK daily there are many horses suffering and dying due to the  neglectful owners, and abandoned,  due to over breeding,  increased running costs, falling price of horses , and fly-grazing on private and public land. The lack of enforcement of the current welfare act and passport system are additional factors to the already current crisis.

EAG Aims to:

  • Highlight Horse Welfare Issues to increase the awareness of Equine Crisis to the general public
  • Collaborate with other charities and group, and highlight the work of charities to help fund their work
  • Work with landowners in needs of  when fly-grazing occurs

How we Started?

EAG was started in 2014 in response to large number of neglected horses at a sites across the midlands, by liking minded people who were checking on these horses weekly and ‘pushed’ the authorities and landowners to act upon the welfare concerns that we highlight. Since then we have found that the general public still are unaware of severity of equine neglect and how to report them. Are you concerned about a horse? Please get in touch